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How does it work?

Crypto mining token is a platform built for short term mining profit accumulation. Our service works as exchange walt for securing your mining assets in form of decentralized fully automated (CMT) token. Token is built to function without any 2nd or 3rd party control. All tokens are visible on main network and traceable for full transparency with no governance or overseeing institution involved.

As for token holder you will earn shared amount of every transformation to CMT token or withdraw that is proportional your token amount vs total tokens in circulation. All fees conducted from any users on the platform are fully paid out to token holders without any fee.

Also to reward active community members whom have atleast 50.00 CMT tokens, we have an affiliate program were using

link you can invite your relatives, friends or event strangers to the platform. For any new users that joins the platform with your referral link you will receive 35% of every investment fees conducted from their investment forever.

Concept of this token works as follows: Crypto-miners have increasing assets via hour that most of the time is being accumulated without any actual use-case. So when you collect your mining profit of example 1.00 ETH after time it still remains as same amount of coins. Our goal is to change that. If you have accumulated assets worth 1.00 ETH and transform it into CMT you will receive matching amount of tokens to your ETH according to current market price. As token amount grows you will generate more and more ETH same as other miners whom have joined the platform. Transformation or withdraw actions on platform conduct 10% transformation and 4% withdraw fees from value that is transformed into CMT assets that works as return of investment for token holders within platform. While you keep your assets as long as accumulated enough growth % from (investment - fees) you have no risk of losing any assets. Therefore we would like to point out that while you join the platform and have not reached return that covers initial fee you have a very small risk of losing only assets paid in fees if a total market collapse occurs (e.g. 6%);

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